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Basic teacher pack (english)

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Unlock the full potential of Notion with this templates designed to supercharge your productivity and organization. Whether you're a student, teacher or anyone looking to optimize their workflow, this Notion templates provide a seamless and intuitive way to manage tasks, track goals and organize your day.


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With the Basic teacher pack directly inspired from nature.

You'll find :

  • a calendar
  • a task manager to plan your whole week
  • a budget tracker
  • a class manager
  • a sequence and daily planner
  • a lessons tracker
  • a lessons ideas manager

It's a simple and minimalist template but quite useful if you need to organize and prepare your days as a teacher. This template allows you to prepare your lessons, manage your class and have all the information you need to manage and organise your class.

This is the ultimate teacher's tool you need to stay organized and enjoy your journey as the best teacher.

Boost your productivity and transform your days ! With this Notion template, unlock a new level of efficiency and organization today !

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Basic teacher pack (english)

0 ratings
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