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Basic student pack (english)

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Unlock the full potential of Notion with this templates designed to supercharge your productivity and organization. Whether you're a student, teacher or anyone looking to optimize their workflow, this Notion templates provide a seamless and intuitive way to manage tasks, track goals and organize your day.


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With the Basic student pack directly inspired from nature.

You'll find :

  • a calendar
  • a task manager to plan your whole week
  • a budget tracker
  • a study space
  • a note tracker
  • a lessons and grades tracker

It's a simple and minimalist template but quite useful if you need to organize your days as a student, resume or even take notes and have them all at the same place.

The study space allows you to have your to-do list and a timer at the same place that will help you to stay focus and productive during your study session.

Boost your productivity and transform your days ! With this Notion template, unlock a new level of efficiency and organization today !

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Basic student pack (english)

0 ratings
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